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Banner Weathervane Decorative #17 – Exclusive

Exclusive Banner Weather Vane #17


We have included this custom sized exclusive Decorative Banner #17 weather vane in our catalog to illustrate how a particular vision can be created in a visually effective way as we work with our customers to create the design they desire. This vane is fabricated entirely in copper and will weather beautifully, first darkening into chocolate tones and eventually a patina of lovely greens will develop.

When you create a banner weathervane there is often a surface that can incorporate a logo or name by applying optional gold or palladium leaf gilding in the design selected.

Banners are classic weather vanes and there are many in our catalog. There might be something there that is perfect as designed, or you might want to personalized one of our existing styles. And, of course, you can do as this customer did and have us work with you on an original design.