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Banner Weathervane – Decorative #4

Decorative Banner Weather Vane #4


This decorative banner conveys a dramatic ‘pierced’ appearance which adds to its visual interest. It comes with the custom spun copper finial above and below. We can also add optional gold leafing, either in the form of a name, number or logo. Gilded markings read correctly, no matter from which side it is viewed. This is the advantage of using gold leaf, rather than cutting out letters to create words, which will read backwards from one side and can decrease the structural strength of the weathervane. The addition of gold or palladium leaf will also add a bright contrast for many decades as your weather vane darkens and patinas through first the browns, then some greens, depending on time and location.

In the pictures you will notice a security device on the weathervane shaft below the lower finial. This was added because of the extreme winds in the location this weather vane was to be mounted. All of our ‘winged’ vane designs have a security device included, to prevent lift off. Otherwise it is an addition based on location.