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Banner Weathervane Decorative #5

Decorative Banner Weather Vane #5


This Decorative Banner Weather Vane #5 has a dramatic ‘pierced’ appearance which adds to its visual interest. It is completed by the custom spun copper finial above and hand spun copper globes on the ends of the ‘pierced’ rod.

We can also add optional gold leafing, either in the form of a name, a logo (as shown here), or a design of your choosing. By doing the lettering with optional gold leaf, we are able to make the wording read correctly from both sides. This is the advantage of using gold leaf rather than cut-work to create words, which would otherwise read backwards from one side. Cut-work can sometimes decrease the structural strength of the weathervane.

Banner Weathervane Box ConstructionTo further strengthen this banner we employ ‘boxed’ style construction. The banner field is comprised of two separate sheets of copper with a thin copper border boxing the entire perimeter. Technically this particular weathervane requires sophisticated knowledge and skill; not only is it boxed, it has an undulating wave and is pierced by the horizontal tube in several places. Though its appearance is simple, it would be assigned only to a master level craftsman.