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Bass Weathervane -Largemouth with Straight Body

Large Mouth Bass Weather Vane


Our Largemouth Bass Weathervane with Straight body was first commissioned to be mounted on a new barn being built in a Missouri bass fishing region. The customer chose to have no arrow or fletching or other water elements, and we think it is a very very effective design choice. This vane will read beautifully from the ground, and the optional gold leafing that was selected to accent the patterns of the fish will remain bright and eye catching for decades as the copper of the fish weathers, darkens, and eventually begins to form a patina.

The construction of this vane is detailed, swell-bodied, in mirror image. The glass eye color was selected at the time the order was placed. If you love this design but want to personalize it in some way, do call. We do have two other Bass Weathervanes in our catalog, for comparison.