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Dog Weathervane – Belgian Malinois – Double Playing with Stick

Belgian Shepherd Pair Weather Vane - Playing with Stick


This Belgian Malinois Weathervane – Pair Playing with Stick is one of our first commissions. It is a portrait piece of our customer’s pair of dogs from that time. They have since commissioned three more Belgian Malinois Weather Vanes, each a portrait, and each an attempt to capture the spirit of the particular dogs, commemorating the life affirming role they have played in their lives over the last 25 years.

There is a saying that goes ‘Our dogs are here with us for a short time to teach us to love like it is our job, which it is.’ These customers know that. And they know the love dogs spread. Belgian Malinois need a job. They love to work. In the world today they are primarily used in police work and search and rescue. But these customers have taken this working bond to another level. They take their dogs to nursing homes to charm and comfort the frail and elderly.

This weather vane is in a combination of copper and brass, in swell bodied style, with glass eyes. You can see by the photos that the male in play bow is of a stockier build than his high stepping female companion. We also did a nifty little trick of attaching the stick at forearm, horizontal bar, and spire, creating a kind of gusset that allowed additional weight further out on the bar.

Here is a picture of another of the additional three weathervanes that commemorate this ongoing friendship. In each of these weathervanes they have included ‘lucky’ pennies from the years of each dog’s birth.Belgian Malinois Weather Vane with Bird