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Dog Weathervane – Belgian Malinois with Bird – Double

Belgian Shepherd Weather Vane - Pair with Bird


This Belgian Malinois Weathervane – with bird is part of a suite of commissions. It is a portrait piece of our customer’s pair of dogs from that time. In all, they have since commissioned four Belgian Malinois Weather Vanes, each a portrait, and each an attempt to capture the spirit of the particular dogs, commemorating the life affirming role they have played in their lives over the last 25 years.

This weathervane was designed to be displayed over the entry to our customer’s second home. Quail have a prominent place in the landscape at this retreat and their dogs took delight in chasing them around, although they never seemed to catch them. Our customers used this as the theme for this weathervane and named their weekend cottage “Quail Chase”.

This weather vane is of copper and brass and is made in swell bodied style, with glass eyes. These customers requested optional gold leaf and palladium leaf gilding to match the two tone marking on the dogs, quail and lettering. The older dog of the pair is in a more sedate stance as the youngster heads off on a merry chase.

Here is a picture of another of the additional three weathervanes that commemorate this ongoing friendship. In each of these weathervanes they have included ‘lucky’ pennies from the years of each dog’s birth.Dog Weather Vane Belgian Malinois Double