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Bicycle Weathervane Racing

Racing Bicycle Weather Vane


This Racing Bicycle Weathervane was commissioned as a Christmas and 50th birthday gift for and avid bicycle racing enthusiast. When his wife secretly placed the order she mentioned that they would both be contacting us after Christmas, when he received his gift certificate and preliminary drawings, so that we could further personalize and perfect the details to professional specifications.

After Christmas they sent us pictures of his old bike and that was a big help. When a customer wants us to replicate as far as possible something detailed and specific photos are a boon. They also asked that Lucky Pennies from important dates to their family be soldered to the fletching.

Because of the detail, Thomas, our most senior vane maker, and himself a biking enthusiast, was given this project. As you can see he took it to heart and really rolled with it.

Because these clients preferred to come to our studios for a tour and to pick up their weather vane, we sent them digital pictures of the completed piece in advance. Here’s their response:

Wow  I’m truly, totally floored.  The pictures are unbelievably amazing.  If it’s half as good as it looks, I’ll be pleased.  He even has the individual pulleys for the rear derailleur.  The bar tape is perfect.  The pump.  The thing looks like I could get on and ride it. I am over the moon excited to install this on my house.

Thank you so much. Mark