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Bobcat Weathervane – Walking

Bobcat Weather Vane (Lynx)


With this Bobcat Weather Vane, Lynx rufus, we wanted to capture the graceful yet powerful appearance of one of North America’s most beautiful wild cats. As shown here, we have added optional gold leafed markings on its face, belly and tail. If you look closely, you can see that we roughened the surface of the copper on its legs to create the distinctive spotting for which they are known. We’ve also added glass eyes to give it a more intense and lifelike appearance.

Bobcats are a favorite design here at West Coast Weather Vanes. We have several bobcats which frequent our property on a regular basis. Over the years, we’ve managed to take a number of photographs. I’ve included a few of them here.

Bobcats are the most common wild cat in North America. Well-muscled, elusive and self-sufficient, this cat is an excellent climber, has sharp hearing, vision, and a good sense of smell. It is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, as well as semi-desert, urban edge, and wetland environments. It’s easy to see why the bobcat is favored as a school mascot, with its stubborn fierceness and extraordinary courage and grace. Here at West Coast Weather Vanes these beauties are regular visitors.

In fact, here is a short video clip taken here on our property showing our own resident bobcat. I particularly like its little tail flip at the end of the video clip!

In Native American mythology the bobcat makes appearances in many different guises, but its ability to blend into the background and great skill as a hunter often figure into each of the the stories told about them.