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Trout Weathervane – Brook

Brook Trout Weather Vane


Our Brook Trout Weathervane, Salvelinus fontinalis, was first commissioned by a Connecticut family living in the natural habitat of this eastern native, in close proximity to the clear, cold streams and ponds they require. They were in the process of restoring a historic barn and, as a part of that restoration, wished to top it with a weather vane fabricated in the old ways, by hand, each side hand hammered in repoussé, with swell bodied construction. As pictured, this sculpture piece is constructed from copper sheet, and has black, taxidermy, glass eyes. Optional gold leaf was used to create the distinctive spotting on the sides of the fish. These non-ferrous gold spots will remain in bright contrast for many decades, as the copper weathers and patinas.

This Brook Trout Weathervane and several others of our fish weathervane designs are also suitable for the more economical silhouette style of construction, and would make a lovely presentation.

We enjoy making vanes that honor nature. If you have a fish, plant or animal you might like a weather vane of, we would be happy to discuss it with you. That, or any changes you might like to make to personalize this piece.