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Bull Weathervane Brangus

Bull Weather Vane Brangus


Our Brangus Bull Weathervane was originally commissioned by a cattleman’s wife for his Christmas present. Choosing the size was an interesting process which we will share with you here in case it helps you determine what size weathervane might work best for you.

First, their home is two stories, and the vane would be mounted on the top ridge, putting it quite a distance from ground level viewing. which encourages going with a larger size weathervane.

Secondly, the background at their residence is blue sky, with no busy forest or competing buildings, which is an argument in favor of going with the smaller of the two sizes under consideration.

Thirdly, the sculpture piece itself itself consists of a single subject – the Brangus Bull – rather than two or more subjects – such as a cow and her calf. Selecting a weathervane based on a single subject works in favor of going with the smaller of the two sizes under consideration. If a weathervane consists of multiple subjects, which renders  each subject smaller in the overall sculpture piece. then going with a larger sized vane is usually recommended.

Finally, the viewing distance needs to be considered. If you have a long driveway where the weathervane can be seen from far away, we recommend going with a larger sized vane. If the viewing distance is short, the smaller of the two sizes under consideration is usually recommended.

After all of this, our customers opted for the large size (3-foot sculpture piece) version of this weathervane design. The sculpture is crafted of copper sheet in highly detailed swell bodied techniques. The customer chose very dark glass eyes, to match those of their herd. This is a beautiful piece that is easily personalized if you were to want either a Brahman or an Angus weathervane for your home or barn.

The Brangus breed was developed to utilise the superior traits of Angus and Brahman cattle. Their genetics are stabilized at 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus. The combination results in a breed which unites the traits of two highly successful parent breeds. The Brahman, through rigorous natural selection, developed disease resistance, overall hardiness and outstanding maternal instincts. Angus are known for their superior carcass qualities. They are also extremely functional females which excel in both fertility and milking ability.