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Bull Weathervane – Walking

Walking Bull Weather Vane


Our all copper Walking Bull Weather Vane is a variation on our Charging Bull Weather Vane, with this bull in a more deliberative, upright position. The customer who commissioned this weathervane design requested that it be personalized with optional nickel-silver horns and custom, and oversized directionals in our Extra-Large, four-foot size.

When fabricating our weathervanes we attempt to make them look as natural as possible. In this case we were able to disguise the vertical mounting tube by placing it inside the straight front leg. When designing a weathervane, you always want more surface area to the back of this pivot point which enables the wind to ‘catch’ the back end of the sculpture piece and push it in the direction the wind is traveling. This swings the leading edge around, facing it into the wind.

In the case of this weathervane, the horizontal tube beneath the bull’s hooves is meant to represent the ground. If you prefer, we can create a ‘half’ arrow beneath the walking bull to give viewers an additional sense of direction. We can further customize by adding brands in optional gold or palladium leaf.

Our Bull weathervanes are also popular with stock brokers and financial consultants. One only has to think of the famous Merrill Lynch Bull logo and the term “Bull Market” to know why this would be an appealing design to those associated with the financial world. With the tradition of including special ‘lucky’ pennies inside each weathervane, we have made several of these vanes as a retirement gifts for investment groups to give as a token of appreciation when a prominent leader is retiring.

Other famous associations are from the delightful children’s story, “Ferdinand the Bull”, the gentle bull who would rather sniff flowers than fight a matador, the fierce Minotaur and his Labyrinth and the abduction of Europa by the Cretan bull. There is also the biblical story concerning the worship of the golden calf from the Old Testament. Throughout world history, the iconic bull has served as powerful image in the imagination of the world’s people.