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Butterfly Weathervane with Book

Butterfly with Book Weather Vane


The design for this Butterfly with Book Weathervane was commissioned by a noted children’s book author and illustrator who was in the process of building a Little Free Library on a corner of her property. The open air library would have a cupola and kid sized seating, and she wanted something magical in her vane’s sculpture design to further enchant the children. We all love the way this design conveys how books can fly into our lives and imaginations in magical ways. It is inscribed ‘Soar with a Book’. So sweet!

The butterfly in this weathervane is copper and the book is brass with copper pages. The optional gold and palladium leaf details bring it to an exciting level of detail. As this piece weathers these bright spots will remain for many many years.

If you want to be further charmed do visit the Little Free Library website. This is an oh so human and generous movement that is alive in our world!