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Butterfly Weathervane – Monarch

Monarch Butterfly Weather Vane


The Monarch Butterfly Weather Vane, Danaus plexippus, shown here in copper, with optional gold leafed accents, is perched on an arrow to indicate wind direction. Depending on customer preference, we can also include optional palladium leafed accents, if desired.

This Monarch was designed to be mounted on a Nantucket Island home often in the path of hurricanes and nor’easters. For this reason, we increased the diameter of the weathervane mounting tube and anchored the back of the wings to the top of the arrow fletching for additional support. There is also bracing between the wings to further strengthen the sculpture piece and an optional security device (normally not needed for this weathervane) to take into account that one day in a thousand where wind is a concern. Since each weathervane is made to order, our Butterfly Weathervane design can be modified to reflect the environment in which it will be installed.

The Monarch butterfly is perhaps the best known of all North American butterflies. Natural Bridges State Park, by Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County (in close proximity to West Coast Weather Vanes), is one of the (celebrated) migratory stops for Monarch butterflies. Famous for its southward migration and northward return in summer from Canada to Mexico and Baja California, the round trip can span the life of three to four generations of the butterfly. How each generation knows where to go is one of the greatest mysteries of navigation in nature.

If there is a particular species of butterfly or moth that appeals to you, please contact us to plan your weathervane. The butterfly’s distinctive profile against the skyline make them ideal candidates for weathervanes. If you are a Lepidopterist or have a garden devoted to attracting butterflies and moths, we would love to hear from you.

Counted amongst our delicate wingéd offerings are Ladybug, Praying Mantis, Mayfly and Dragonfly Weather Vanes.