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Camel Weathervane with Turtle

Camel and Turtle Weather Vane


This whimsical and loving Camel and Turtle Weathervane was first commissioned as a Christmas gift. As we worked on the design some very sweet elements were included. They wanted this piece to be very affectionate. The copper for these sculpture pieces is fabricated in detailed swell bodied style. It has been designed as a mirror image piece, which means it looks the same from any viewing direction. Both the turtle and the camel have brown glass eyes. They also each have a collar with a heart tag with the chinese hanzi (汉字/漢字) for I Love You applied in optional gold leaf. Additional gold leafing details the turtle’s shell, and one section of its shell has the hanzi (汉字/漢字) for Knowledge and Wisdom. These are some of the ways you can personalize a design with gold or palladium leaf details that are significant to your family.

The family name has been inscribed on the horizontal bar, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ representing the birth years of the couple and each of their children have been sealed both on the ends of the copper tube and inside the animals.

You will notice in the pictures that a security device was added. This is an addition that can be selected for locations that have very strong winds.

It is a fun process getting a design just right for each of our customers. If you find any design in our catalog that a little ‘tweak’ will make it just right for you, we would love to discuss it with you.