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Canoe Weathervane – Paddling

Canoe Weather Vane with Paddler


Our Canoe Weathervane is a great design for a weekend cabin by the lake or for the canoeing enthusiast. While the paddler featured in this photo is a man, we can also make this weathervane with a female aboard or even a family and pets! Our customer for the weathervane pictured asked us to add optional gold leaf to the canoer’s face and arms and as a trim line around the canoe’s rim. The color for the glass eyes of the paddler/s is decided at the time of your order.



This particular weathervane provides me with an opportunity to discuss the difference the design makes in the overall presence of the sculpture piece. The canoe and paddler weather vane is a very slender and slight design, even in the three-foot Large size. Now imagine it next to a three-foot elephant weathervane. Both are ‘large’ sized weathervanes, but the elephant weather vane has a much bigger presence than the canoer does, simply by the nature of the design itself.

When sizing a weathervane for your particular site, it is important to keep in mind the actual design you intend to install. While a two-foot elephant weathervane might be perfectly adequate for the top of a two car garage, with the Canoe Weathervane, you might want to go with the next larger size, even though it would be installed in the exact same location. We are always happy to make suggestions or be of assistance if you have questions regarding the appropriate sized weathervane for a given location. Just give us a call or drop us and email and give us a few specifics and we will be glad to guide you through the process.

This is a piece that takes particularly well to customization. We can make it a portrait, representing a particular person or persons. We can also add a substantial inscription to the canoe, because of the linear space available. We love discussing variations that make a weathervane design personal to you.