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Car Weathervane – 2001 Corvette Silhouette

Corvette Weather Vane Automobile


This classic 2001 Corvette Weather Vane was originally commissioned by a customer to go on top a new garage being built to house his prized car collection near Palm Springs, California. He chose to have his vane constructed of copper with nickel silver and optional gold leafed accents. Our customers are welcome to choose metal combinations that can include copper, brass, nickel silver, and optional gold or palladium leaf.

Given the Corvette’s popularity, in addition to this 2001 Corvette Weathervane, we also offer 1963 and 1967 Corvette Weather Vanes. Because we specialize in custom copper weathervanes, please let us know if you have another make or model you would like. We would be happy to work up a quote to make it for you.

We are often able to reduce the design fee for some of our more mechanical weathervane commissions if detailed schematic drawings are available. If you can provide us with photos of the actual vehicle, its insignia, detailing, interiors, etc., we are often able to make personalized enhancements to the weathervane. If actual scaled down models are available, we often find them helpful guides during the construction process.

We typically offer our silhouette weathervanes in the small (one-foot sculpture piece) and medium (two-foot sculpture piece) sizes. If you are looking for a larger weathervane, we recommend going with a swell-bodied style or fully 3-D weathervane. Because swell-bodied and 3-D vanes consist of multiple shaped pieces that are shaped and then soldered together, they provide the necessary structural support in the larger sizes.

The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car by the Chevrolet division of General Motors (GM) that has been produced in seven generations. Myron Scott is credited for naming the car after the type of small, maneuverable warship called a corvette. Production of the C5 Corvette began in 1997 and ended with the 2004 model year. The C5 had a top speed of 181 mph (291 km/h) and was judged by the automotive press as improved in nearly every area over the previous Corvette design, thanks to the car’s much increased structural rigidity and enhanced curvaceous design.