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Automobile Weathervane – Triumph TR6

1973 Triumph TR6 Weather Vane


This Triumph TR6 Weathervane is a portrait piece. Every weather we make is essentially custom. No part of the fabrication is begun until we have worked with each customer to get the details and options exactly to their specifications.

Here is an example of the communication we had in personalizing this particular design:

My car is a 1973. The front bumper of the green car is a bit higher than mine, I think, and would make the over riders cover the headlights. On my car, the over riders reach up to the very bottom edge of the headlights. The wheels you pictured are correct and look like the wheels on the image I sent of the left profile of my car. The gas cap should appear as in the green car, though that is a bit higher than on mine.  The visors can be at a slightly raised angle, the green car is fine. The headrests pictured also should suffice.

This copper weathervane was constructed in high definition, swell-bodied style. Optional palladium leaf gilding was selected for wheels, bumpers, mirrors, trim and gas cap. At the customers request we also put inside the car four ‘lucky pennies’ denoting important dates in the family’s life.