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Carousel Horse Weathervane

Deluxe Carousel Horse Weather Vane

Basic Carousel Horse

The Carousel Horse Weather Vane (Deluxe version) is one of our most spectacular designs. It was originally commissioned to go atop the Silver Beach Carousel Society’s carousel in St. Joseph, Michigan. While it can be made as an all copper weathervane, we can also add brass, optional gold leaf and/or palladium leaf or nickel silver to make it truly extraordinary.

As shown here, the horse and arrow are of copper and we applied gold leaf to the horse’s mane, tail, parts of the saddle and armor. We also used palladium leaf on parts of the armor and the horse’s hooves.

Generally, for most of our weathervane designs, one weathervane maker will craft the sculpture piece from start to finish and sign their work. For the Carousel Horse Weather Vane featured here, two of our weathervane master craftsmen, Victor and Thomas, worked together and both signed the piece.

The price for this weathervane includes translucent glass jewels for the horse’s eyes and for the embellishment on its armor. In the larger sizes, we can add up to seven glass jewels to the face armor, in the medium size (two-foot sculpture piece) the horse’s head armor contains 4 translucent glass jewels.

We also offer a less elaborate version of this design. For the Basic Carousel Horse Weathervane we have eliminated the armor on its head and back and the mane has been reworked to flow around the side of the neck. You also see more of the horse’s musculature, which is covered by the armor in the version shown here. It can be constructed with or without a saddle and blanket, based on customer preference.

Many carousel connoisseurs consider the golden age of the carousel to be early 20th century America. Very large carousel machines were being built with elaborate animals, chariots, and decorations. They were superbly made by skilled old-world craftsmen who took full advantage of their new freedoms here in America. Whereas most European carousel figures are relatively static in posture, American figures are more representative of active beasts with tossed manes, and have expressive eyes and postures, contributing to their popularity and desirability as collectables today.