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Cat Weathervane – Maine Coon Cat Sitting with Two Mice

Maine Coon Cat Weather Vane with Mice


Our Maine Coon Cat Weather Vane was originally created for some delightful customers in Connecticut. They are big fans of the Maine Coon Cat and sent us a photo of the newest addition to their family. We used their photos to create this portrait weathervane design.

Because of their much-deserved reputation as mighty mousers, they are revered as barn cats on many farms and in rural households. For this reason, we decided to emphasize that attribute when working out the design. This weathervane comes standard with two mice; one dangling from the cat’s paw and the other mouse reaching up to help his buddy.

In the photo shown here, this particular customer was so enamored with the mice, that they asked us to include two additional optional mice (sold separately), sitting atop the North/South directional arm.  As cat lovers ourselves, it was a lot of fun to work with them to create this weathervane. We could also put a mouse on each of directional. Call for pricing for mice or anything else on the directional of your weather vane.

As shown here, we added optional gold leaf to the Coon Cat’s whiskers and made each of the mice golden as well. As the copper weathers a deep chocolate brown color, the gilded whiskers and mice will contrast nicely. The addition of optional gold leaf to a weathervane helps catch the eye, especially when the weather vane is viewed against a visual competitive background such as trees, a hillside or other structures.

The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat with distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official State Cat. It is noted for its large bone structure, rectangular body shape, and long, flowing coat. The breed can be seen in a variety of colors and is known for its intelligence and gentle personality.