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Cat Weathervane – Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cat Weather Vane


This Ragdoll Cat Weathervane was designed for a couple in Hawaii who love their impressive cat, ‘Mr Hershey’. It was a fun project for us. First we had to educate ourselves about this interesting breed of large, docile, blue eyed cats. The Ragdoll was first bred in the 1960’s and has gone on to be very very popular in the world.

For this sculpture piece the swell bodied cat is fabricated in copper while his whiskers, the hillside, and mice are brass. The color distinction you see in the pictures of the fresh new vane will become increasingly subtle as the vane weathers. Its really quite lovely to see the harmony of the two metals in an aged and patinated vane. The horizontal bar has the cat’s name inscribed. While the cats eyes are the requisite blue, this customer chose brown for the glass eyes of the two mice.

Our master artisans have each developed a personal set of hammers for working the copper into the distinct textures of fur types, and that level of artistic detail really shows in this weather vane.