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Cat Weathervane – Shorthair Resting with Butterfly

Cat Weather Vane with Butterfly


Our Cat Weather Vane with Butterfly captures a gentle, contemplative cat, peacefully observing a delicate butterfly perched atop a cat tail plant. We intentionally placed the butterfly on top of the cat tail for its fun little play on words. As you can probably imagine, this is a popular weathervane for garden settings. We also make a variation of this design with a cat observing a hummingbird.

A creative installation idea came from customers who used a vertical wall bracket to mount their Cat & Butterfly weathervane just below a second storey window, making it visible when they were in the house. They could look out the window and enjoy their weather vane as well as outside, in their backyard!

You can provide photographs of your favorite felines for a customized version of this weather vane. For example, we recently made a variation on this weathervane using photos of a lovely Persian Cat sent to us by its owner. Our customer chose translucent blue glass eyes for her cat weathervane. Since each vane is handcrafted to order, eye color can be selected to accommodate a variety of cat’s eyes.

The cat shown here was made of copper and its whiskers were made of brass. The copper butterfly sits atop a slender brass cattail plant. We used a custom hammer specifically designed to replicate fur, striking the metal literally hundreds upon hundreds of time, to create the cat’s distinctive coat. By slightly changing the angle and/or strength of each hammer blow, we can transform the smooth silky coat of a short haired cat (as shown here) into the thick, flowing coat of a long haired cat.

For a variation on this weathervane, please see our Cat with Hummingbird Weathervane.