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Cow Weathervane – Shorthorn Heifer

Heifer Cow Weather Vane - Polled


This Shorthorn Heifer Weathervane was commissioned as a birthday present for the owner of a shorthorn cattle ranch. Our customer sent us photos of one of their prize heifers and we used it as the model for this design. We even used optional gold leaf to match the markings on their cow! As the copper weathers a rich chocolate brown color the golden markings will stand out in distinct contrast, making the weathervane more dramatic the longer it is outside.

In addition, we further personalized this piece by adding the family name in gold leafed lettering on the fletching below the cow’s hind quarters. The weathervane is displayed on top of a cupola on their four car garage and you can see their grain silo in the background. You can also see the garage from quite a distance as you approach the ranch so what better way to advertise what you do, that to put a weathervane depicting your profession atop a prominent location. Using a weathervane to promote your business has been done since Colonial times. In the 1700s when literacy was spotty, a shipwright might display a ship weathervane, a solicitor might have a quill weathervane, a farrier might have a horse weathervane to help guide people to their place of business.

If you raise a specific breed of cattle and are interested in promoting your livelihood while adding a special and unique touch to your home or ranch, you would be honoring a centuries old tradition by displaying a cow or bull weathervane in a prominent location on your property. Please give us a call or send us an email so we can help you create a memorable barn topper for your location.