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Cowboy and Cross Weathervane

Cowboy Kneeling at Cross with Horse Weather Vane


This Cowboy and Cross Weathervane is a beautiful example of how one family chose to display their reverence in an item of beauty on their home. The sculpture was fabricated by our master artisans in copper. There are interesting technical details to this sculpture piece. The large cross needed to be mounted in such a way that strong winds would not fatigue or crimp the metal sheet. That is why we put a bracket below the cross for stability, and there are gussets at the top of the spire for additional shear strength.

This is a detailed swell-bodied design, and there is optional gold leafing on the cross, on details of the cowboy and on the horse’s mane, tail and tack. In the photos above you can see the finished vane before and after the application of the gilding. While the sculpture is beautiful before the added brightness of the gold, the leafing does add detail, and will become even more distinct as the copper weathers and then patinas. The horse has brown glass eyes.

This family requested that ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from significant dates in their lives be sealed inside the horse along with the traditional penny from the year the vane was completed. They also have an inscription on the horizontal tube.

Because this weather vane was to be mounted in a windy location in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a security device was added to help prevent the sculpture blowing off. It is the little ‘eared’ piece above the directionals.