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Cowboy Hat Weathervane

Ten Gallon Western Hat Weather Vane


This classic Cowboy Hat Weathervane was first commissioned by an artisan hat maker. We love it when our customers are carrying on the historic tradition of having their weather vane create signage for their business. This copper sculpture piece is crafted in full bodied 3D style. The hat band is copper, with optional palladium leaf applied to the buckle and tip. ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates in the customer’s lives are attached to the hatband. The arrow and fletching that were selected are in a complimentary western style.

These customers have two cupolas on their shop and also ordered our Rhinoceros Weathervane at the same time for the second cupola. A smart move. All of our customers receive a 10% discount on any future orders, but when two are ordered simultaneously you get the 10% discount credited on both weathervanes at the time of completion and payment for the second vane.