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Crossed Tennis Racquets Weathervane

Crossed Tennis Rackets Weather Vane


Our Crossed Tennis Racquets Weathervane is a sporting design. You can see the rackets are atop a golf club. The couple who requested this design love both sports so much they wanted them both represented in their weather vane.

The technical challenges of this design were interesting for our fine artisans. Attaching these light elements securely and the gold gilded spun copper ball in ways that will be sturdy and yet airy was our goal. We like the way it turned out.

These customers requested optional gold leafing on the ball, the racquet and golf club grips, the golf club head, and their initials on the raquet mesh. So effective.

They have ‘Lucky Pennies’ sealed in the racquet and an inscription on the shaft of the golf club.

This design would be wonderful for a Country Club. And it is adaptable to other sports. Instead of the golf club there could be an oar or a baseball bat!