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Crow Weathervane – Cawing

Cawing Crow Weather Vane


Our Crow Cawing Weathervane was first commissioned to top one of two cupolas on a new barn. In wanting to acknowledge the intelligence of the birds that visit their barn, these customers chose this Cawing Crow Weathervane for one cupola and the Owl of Athena Weathervane for the other. Crows have brains that are enormous relative to the size of their bodies and are known to recognize faces, and have an intellect comparable to a young child.

This copper vane is crafted in high detail, swell-bodied style. The arrow and fletching were chosen to compliment the Craftsman Style of the home and barn. Black glass was chosen for the eyes. What a great pair of sculptures to rise above this barn!

We give a 10% discount on the full order when a customer orders more than one weather vane at the same time.