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Crow Weathervane-Pair of Crows in Animation Style – Exclusive

Double Crow Weather Vane --- Animated


Our Crow Weathervane – Double Animated is the epitome of what is a custom order. Our customer for this weather vane is the designer and cartoonist Michael H Quint*. Michael was absolutely clear, and faithful to his artistic vision, when commissioning this lovely, whimsical vane. All of our weather vanes are made to order, and can be personalized in the ordering process, but this sculpture piece is an original.

The vane is crafted with copper crows on a brass branch. It is fabricated in detailed, swell-bodied style, and is a mirror image, meaning that both sides are face front of these crazy crows, no matter which way the wind blows. The whites of the crow’s eyes have been gilded gold. The glass eyes are topaz, and in daylight will catch the sun on occasion in interesting ways. The gold gilding will maintain a bright visual interest for many decades as the copper and brass weather, darken, and eventually patina in their similar yet distinct manners.

We truly enjoy working with our customers to create exactly the weather vane they wish to see at their home or business. And though our weathervanes are limited productions of 50 in each size before the design is retired, there are times where a one of a kind is the thing to do. That is the case here. Our weather vanes are usually stamped with their number, which enhances their value as collectible heirlooms. For an exclusive they are stamped with an E, indicating that it will not be replicated in any size at any time, except for the original customer.

To see more of the works of mh. quint, visit his website.