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Cupid Weathervane – Autumn

Cupid Weather Vane Autumn Seasons


We have so enjoyed the crafting of our Autumn Cupid Weathervane. It is a sculpture piece that accents the deep knowledge and skills of our master craftsmen. As pictured it is fabricated completely out of copper, with optional gold leaf accents. This weather vane could also be constructed of copper and brass, which would have bright differences at first, but as it weathers and patinas those differences would become increasingly subtle.

When originally commissioned, it was our customers who had the delightful idea of representing the four seasons on the directionals. We love the synergy of working with our clients to create the best, most relevant art piece they can imagine. One customer chose to have two silver dollars of family significance sealed into their weathervane, instead of the traditional ‘Lucky Pennies’. They were aware of the historical significance and collectible value of creating this heirloom piece.

I think one reason our cupid weathervanes capture our customer’s imaginations is because of the high level of craftsmanship that existed during the Hellenistic Greek period. The sculpture pieces in bronze and marble, as well as other artwork of this era rivals the finest artwork of any age. If you have ever traveled to Greece or Italy, visited a famous museum or picked up an art book that surveys the history of art, images of the Greek gods and their fellow mythological creatures will be among the highlights of any collection.