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Dinosaur Weathervane – Tyrannosaurus Rex

T Rex Dinosaur Weather Vane


This Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Weathervane was commissioned by a husband wanting to surprise his wife for her birthday with a gift they had only dreamed of for their first ever home. While the home was in escrow he remembered her showing him our website and how they laughingly fantasized of having a T Rex weathervane ‘someday when we’re rich and famous’. It was a tough secret to keep, and we did everything we could to help. We never called from a business line, and when their wrapped gift packet, with personal bookplate was sent, it was in a plain brown envelope with a personal return address. We try!

After the gift packet was opened both the husband and wife worked with us on the specifics that a customer chooses when they order a weather vane. They requested their T Rex be fabricated in copper, with brass teeth and brass vegetation at its feet. The dinosaur is fabricated in detailed, swell bodied style, and the plants are silhouette style. Olive reptile glass eyes were selected and a ‘Lucky Penny’ from an important year in their lives was sealed into the sculpture piece along with the traditional penny from the year of manufacture. The phrase ‘Breathe Deep, Seek Peace’ was inscribed into the horizontal bar.

As this exciting weathervane ages and the metals darken and then patina, the brass and copper will show less contrast and evolve to a subtle differentiation. This design would also take well to optional gold or palladium gilding on the teeth and claws.

As you can see, when a customer comes to us to create an order there are many choices to be made that will create a truly personal statement.