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Dog Weathervane – Afghan Standing

Afghan Weather Vane Standing


This all copper Afghan Dog Weathervane was constructed in swell bodied style from copper sheet. Our artisans created distinctive tooling to give the fur a realistic texture on the body. It is also a portrait piece. Our customer sent us pictures of their dog to get the confirmation correct. Because every weather vane we make is essentially custom, never put on the schedule to be created by our artists until the order is exact to your specifications, we are happy to work from your pictures to personalize a vane to depict a particular dog. The color for the glass eyes is selected at the time of your order.

The afghan breed was always thought to date back at least to the pre-Christian era. Recent discoveries by researchers studying ancient DNA have revealed that the Afghan Hound is in fact one of the most ancient dog breeds, dating back for many thousands of years. Its original native name, Tazi, betrays its connection to the very similar Tasy breed of Russia. The proximity of southern Russia and Afghanistan argue for a common origin for both breeds. Initially, Afghan people refused to sell their national dog to outsiders; the breed was not seen in Europe and America until after the turn of the 20th century. AKC and CKC did not recognize the Afghan Hound until the 1930s.