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Dog Weathervane – Australian Shepherd Running

Running Australian Shepherd Weather Vane


This Running Australian Shepherd Weathervane is typically crafted in copper with either brass or optional gold leaf accents. The ‘fur’ in the Aussie’s coat is created by hundreds of individually positioned hammer blows from a custom hammer created here at West Coast Weather Vanes. This hammer’s sole purpose is creating fur texture in animals such as bears, dogs, etc. (We also have custom hammers to create bird feathers, mermaid scales and reptile and dragon hides.)

Many of our Australian Shepherd weathervane customers have provided us with photos of their dogs so we can match their individual markings. Optional gold leaf and/or palladium (a silver colored leaf) are often chosen to recreate distinctive markings. In addition, realistic (taxidermy) glass eyes can be selected to accommodate a variety of dog eye colors. We had one customer whose Aussie had a split pupil, half blue and half brown. We work with a wonderful taxidermist who specializes in glass animal eyes and he was actually able to make a replica of this unusual eye for this weathervane!

This particular sculpture piece is an example of a non-mirror image weathervane, meaning the pattern pieces on one side are different from those on the other side (rather than identical on both sides). Non-mirror image weathervanes typically convey a sense of action with the legs staggered to indicate motion. Technically, this makes the shaping and soldering more difficult as extra time and skill is required to achieve correct alignment.

Like all working breeds, the Aussie has considerable energy and drive, and usually needs a job to do. A good working Aussie is quick, thoughtful, and easy with stock. The ability for the breed to adapt to a situation and think for itself makes it an excellent all-round worker. They thrive in rural, ranch like conditions, and need space to run and play in an urban setting. The breed also has great stamina and can live in a variety of terrain. That’s why they are a popular pick as trail dogs and working dogs