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Dog Weathervane – Beagle in Play Bow with Bunny

Bunny Weather Vane with Beagle

Beagle only

This copper and brass Beagle Dog Weathervane in Play Bow with Bunny is a portrait piece (of the dog!) with glass eyes and brass and copper patterns that mimic the spots on the customer’s Beagle. With the aid of photographs we will happily create a personalized weather vane depicting a favorite dog. Glass eye color can be selected to accommodate a variety of dog eye colors. In the piece pictured the customer also chose optional palladium gilding on the body parts that are white furred. Gilding remains a bright contrast to copper and brass as they weather into the darker browns and eventually patina.

We also make this Beagle in Play Bow Weathervane without the bunny. Or call us for a quote to replace the bunny with some other visual of your choosing.

A Beagle is a medium-sized dog breed and a member of the hound group, similar in appearance to a Foxhound but smaller with shorter legs, and with longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds used primarily for tracking deer, bear, and other game. They are a loyal breed and most often very well tempered. Beagles love being around people and must have exercise because they were bred to run in the hunt.

We are animal lovers here at West Coast Weather Vanes and would love to work with you in creating a special weather vane depicting a favorite animal in your lives.