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Dog Weathervane – Beagle Standing

Standing Beagle Weather Vane


Our Beagle Weather Vane was originally commissioned by a Beagle lover who wanted her companions immortalized as a wind sculpture. We made her Beagle in the conformation pose in the small size for display inside her home. We also stamped optional plaques with the names of each of her dogs inscribed on them. The copper ‘lucky’ pennies at the opposite ends of each plaque represent the years each dog lived.

The pennies are also part of a good luck tradition in weathervane making that dates back to the Victorian age. The original tradition was to place a copper penny from the year the weather vane was made inside the sculpture piece. Because we craft each weathervane to individual order, we offer our customers the opportunity to include special pennies in their weathervanes based on important years in their or their pet’s lives.

This customer sent us photos of her favorite Beagle and we used those images to create the original design. Depending on preference, we can work in copper, brass, nickel silver, optional gold and/or palladium leaf to obtain a beautiful tri-color effect. Some of our customers request optional collars with tags that can be made in the shape of a heart, circle or dogbone. We can stamp a dog’s name on the collar or tag, If desired. Your dog’s gender can be represented as well.

Another option is our playful Beagle Weathervane, with the dog in a play bow facing an inquisitive bunny. Again, we worked from photos supplied to us by our customer to create an original portrait version of this weathervane design. Since we always try to capture the personality of the dog we are portraying, be sure and let us know the character traits of your Beagle and we will emphasize those features in your design.