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Dog Weathervane – Belgian Malinois Lying Down with Dogwood

Belgian Malinois Lying Beneath a Dogwood Tree Weather Vane


This Belgian Malinois Lying Down with Dogwood Weathervane is one of several conceived of by a wonderful family of dog lovers. This one is a portrait of Tango reclining in a favorite spot. The vane is fabricated in copper, the eyes are glass and there is optional gold leaf applied to the dogwood flowers, Tango’s collar, and the dogwood lettering on the arrow’s fletching. Tango’s name is also inscribed on the collar.

We can personalize any of our animal or human designs to be portraits. We’ve even done a ‘portrait’ of a boat or two! Usually our customers send us extensive pictures, but occasionally they come to visit us here and bring their dog for photos and an in house experience of temperament and natural configuration.