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Dog Weathervane – Bouvier des Flandres Running

Bouvier des Flandres Weather Vane


The copper Bouvier des Flandres Dog Weathervane depicted here shows a dog in motion. This seemed appropriate, as Bovier’s are known as hard working dogs. We offer dogs that are running, trotting, standing in a classic confirmation pose or even playing with a ball or catching a Frisbee, depending on our customer’s preferences.

On the particular Bouvier shown here, we added an optional gold leafed collar with the names of our customer’s two dogs inscribed on each side of the collar. We can also add a tag to the front of the collar, shaped to represent a dog bone, heart or circle. Each weathervane is made to individual order so we can do the Bouvier des Flandres with a soft smooth show coat or a heavy outdoor coat.

If you send pictures of your canine buddy we can even create a portrait piece for you. The ‘fur’ is textured into the surface of the copper with individual hammer blows. Our experienced artisans fashion their own specialized hammers for creating the specific textures of fur, hair, cloth, and more in the metal sheet. A single dog Weathervane’s fur coat can consist of hundreds of individual hammer blows per side, with each strike positioned to create a sense of a flowing coat that follows the contour’s of the dog’s body.

The Bouvier des Flandres is a dog breed originating in Flanders. They are used for general farm work including cattle droving, sheep herding, cart pulling, and as guard dogs, police dogs, and security dogs, as well as being kept as pets. It can be noted that usage of the French name (meaning, literally, ‘Herdsman of Flanders’) is contradictory with the Flemish origin of the breed; in Flemish, they are known as Koehond, or cattle dog. Other names for the breed are Toucheur de Boeuf (cattle driver) and Vuilbaard (dirty beard).