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Dog Weathervane – Bulldog Standing

Standing English Bulldog Weather Vane

Bulldog - Tri Color

The copper Bulldog Weather Vane shown here has custom made brown glass eyes with black pupils and an optional brass collar with the name DERRINGER inscribed on a dog bone shaped tag.  We handcraft our weathervanes to order, easily including the details you prefer. Your Bulldog can be depicted as male or female, and the markings of its coat can be delineated with optional gold or palladium leafing. You are very welcome to provide us with photographs of your dog for a portrait version of this weather vane!

Tri-Color Bulldog

A few years ago we made a portrait weathervane of ‘Winston’ by applying optional gold leaf to match his light markings. We made another portrait version of this weathervane based on photos of a female bulldog named Ruby. Her owners opted for a gold leafed collar with her name stamped on it. Depending on your preferences, we can modify this weathervane to reflect the personality and appearance of your bulldog. We recently crafted a tri-color Bulldog for a customer and have added it to our catalog. For this tri-color the gilding is included in the prices shown. * Because the cost of gold leaf fluctuates frequently, it is possible that the price for this weathervane could go up or down based on current market conditions. Please verify pricing with us prior to placing your order.

Here is a note we received from one of our Bulldog Weathervane customers:  

“LizAnne, Ken, It’s been a long time coming but we finally moved into our new home along with Max, our weathervane. He really looks great and greets us everytime we come home. Thanks for your fine work and artistry to capture the likeness of Max. As good as he looks in the pictures, he looks even better in person. Best Regards, Jim & Sue 

PS. The installer was impressed with the attention to detail as well, right down to your including a cup of grease for the ball bearing. On that note, Max moves freely in the breeze that frequents our property!”

We can easily adapt this design to represent a favorite sports team or alma mater. A popular mascot, bulldogs are renowned for their qualities of strength, determination and tenacity. If you’d like to commemorate your favorite athletic team or school mascot, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. We recently received the following inquiry, which resulted in the English Bulldog with Harness mascot vane pictured below.

I’m restoring a 19th century home in Mississippi, & being an ardent Mississippi State fan, I want to order your bulldog weathervane. How do I determine the size? Thank you

The sizing question is an important one. There are many factors to consider, mostly relating to viewing distance and visual competition, but personal aesthetics are also an important factor.