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Dog Weathervane – Bullmastiff Standing

Standing Bullmastiff Weather Vane


Originally commissioned by a police officer, our all copper Bullmastiff Weather Vane was based on an image he supplied of his dog. To capture both the dignity and musculature of this noble canine, we used rawhide hammers and different shaped oak posts to work the metal. By applying different shaping techniques, we can mimic either the powerful build of a mastiff or the streamlined appearance of a greyhound.

This Bullmastiff Weathervane has been popular in far corners of the world. We have representatives in Berault, France and New Brunswick, Canada in addition to locations throughout the United States. With each weathervane handcrafted to individual order, we can make your Bullmastiff Weathervane either male or female, modify its physique to make it more slim and athletic, or more powerfully built, with heavily modeled musculature. We can optionally add a collar and tag with your dog’s name on it and we can match your dog’s markings from photos with optional gold or palladium leaf.

The Bullmastiff is an impressive dog, symmetrical in build and showing great strength. With its handsome and powerful appearance, and surprising speed, coupled with incredible strength and endurance, the Bullmastiff was recognized as a pure-bred dog in 1924 by the English Kennel Club. In October 1933 the American Kennel Club also recognized the Bullmastiff.