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Dog Weathervane – Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Weather Vane


This Chesapeake Bay Retriever Weathervane is actually a portrait of Zach, a beloved dog companion. To help us create the most perfect vane our client sent photos to assist in getting the details of Zach’s configuration exactly right.

The weather vane sculpture piece is fabricated in detailed swell bodied style from copper sheet. The collar and tag have had optional gold leafing applied. The owner selected brown glass eyes.

This vane is visually effective now and will become even more so as the copper darkens with age and the bright gilding of the collar becomes more distinct.

Our master artisans have each developed a personal set of hammers for working the copper into the distinct textures of fur types, and that level of artistic detail really shows in this portrait.

As pictured this is a Large vane mounted 30′ up on the cupola, and it reads very well from the ground. When choosing the size of vane that is right for a particular location there is a lot to consider. Because this vane is a single dog, it has a much larger presence than if it was two dogs, or a dog in a boat etc. We are happy to work with our customers to ensure the size of vane they order will have the visual effect they want.