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Dog Weathervane – Dachshund, Short Haired Standing

Short Haired Dachshund Weather Vane


This copper Short Haired Dachshund Dog Weathervane features glass eyes and distinctive tooling, giving the body realistic dimensions. With the aid of photographs we can personalize this vane to depict a specific dog. Glass eye color can be selected to accommodate a variety of dog eye colors. As an option, the use of gold leafing can accentuate any distinct markings of your dog. In the vane pictured, the dog’s collar has been gilded in gold and the tag has been inscribed with name and dates. 

The dachshund is a short-legged, elongated dog breed of the hound family. The breed’s name is German and literally means ‘badger dog’. (In German the dachshund is known most commonly as the Dackel or Teckel (in Dutch).) The breed was developed to scent, chase, and hunt badgers and other hole-dwelling animals. Due to the long, narrow build, they are sometimes referred to in the United States and elsewhere as a wiener dog, hot dog, or sausage dog, though such terms are sometimes considered disparaging. Doxies are well loved throughout the world as great pets.