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Dog Weathervane – Dachshund Triple Portrait #3

Three Doxies Weathervane---Portrait #3


Pictured here is a portrait Dachshund Weathervane of Celty, Carmen, and Coco. Portrait weather vanes of beloved animal companions are a popular way of celebrating their lives and creating a sweet visual for your home.

In this vane two of the dogs have been crafted in copper, with one of those optionally gilded in gold, and the third dog crafted in brass. These metal combinations will age to be quite interesting. The Gold Leafing on the leader, Celty, will remain bright and light as the copper and brass weather to have subtle differences, first in the brown tones, progressing into the greens of their patinas.

Each dog has a contrasting collar with their names inscribed on hanging tags. There is also a family name inscription on the horizontal tube with fletching.

The dogs have brown glass eyes, and there are ‘Lucky Pennies‘ affixed each to an end of the horizontal tube they are ‘walking on’.

With the aid of customer photos we often personalize existing weather vane designs to make them into portraits. Please contact us if there is a weather vane in our catalog you would like us to do this with.

The customers for this portrait weathervane also ordered our Decorative Banner #6 Weathervane with the design of an Episcopal Cross. While we always offer a 10% discount on our customer’s subsequent orders, when your first order is for two weather vanes you get the added bonus of 10% off on BOTH vanes! We’d love for you to take advantage of this great deal! (Discount applied at the time the second vane transaction is completed.)