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Dog Weathervane – Dalmatian Standing

Dalmatian Standing Weather Vane


This copper Dalmatian Dog Weathervane features glass eyes and distinctive tooling which gives the body realistic dimensions. You are welcome to send photographs of your special canine for a customized weather vane depicting a favorite dog. Glass eyes are available in a variety of dog eye colors. As an option, the use of gold leafing can accentuate any distinct markings of your dog. Our customers for the pooch pictured chose to gold leaf the white of their dog leaving the spots in copper. This is a great use of gilding. The spots will age and patina even darker before beginning the greening, which in some dry climates is a rare occurrence. 

You can also select a color for your dog, with or without a hang tag. Both the color and tag can be inscribed with names, dates, or other inscriptions of your choosing.

The Dalmatian is a breed of dog, noted for its white coat with either black or liver spots. Although other color variations do exist, any color markings other than black or liver are a disqualification in purebred Dalmatians. The famous spotted coat is unique to the Dalmatian breed; no other purebred dog breed sports the flashy spotted markings. The breed takes its name from the Croatian province of Dalmatia, where it is believed to have originated.