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Dog Weathervane-Dominican Pinscher

Dominican Pinscher Weather Vane


This Dominican Pinscher Weathervane is a portrait piece of DEDO, a beloved, black and tan, one-eyed 17 year old Pinscher female. In the pictures above you can see a photo of DEDO, with pictures of her weather vane, and, if you look closely at the two drawings,  you can compare her more relaxed stance with a version showing a Dominican Pinscher Weathervanes in the official show stance. With the help of your photos, the sculpture piece could be personalized to be a portrait of your canine friend.

Our skilled artisans fabricated the sculpture from copper in high detail swell-bodied style. Each of the artists in our studio has made their own personal set of hammers for creating the details and textures that so beautifully communicate fur or leaves or grasses.

Optional gold leaf gilding was chosen for the distinctive markings on this particular Pinscher. Gilding, be it bright yellow gold or silvery palladium, will create a bright contrast for many decades as a copper or brass weather vane ages and patinas. A special feature of this particular weathervane is that the sculpture piece shows Dedo with only one  glass eye, to honor her battle with cancer when she was still a pup.

We are animal lovers here at West Coast Weather Vanes. We’d love to discuss your project for a weather vane or wall sculpture of an animal you love.