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Dog Weathervane-Double Labrador Retrievers-Sitting and Standing

Pair of Labrador Retrievers Weather Vane, Sitting and Standing


Our Labrador Retriever, Sitting and Standing Weathervane is a portrait of Bob and Ripple. Their owners brought them to our studio for a tour and a photo shoot. That was a fun meeting!

As we progressed with the design process these customers wanted to add an element that captured their pup’s playful spirits. They decided to have us create a tennis ball and a bone to be attached to the North and South directionals, and to have us apply optional gold leaf to them, creating an eye catching element. Its cute thinking of them spinning in the wind chasing their toys.

This copper weather vane is crafted in swell bodied style. It is also a ‘mirror image’ design with the exception of Ripple’s tail, which means the sculpture piece looks the same from both sides. The dogs glass eyes are dark brown. Their collars, dog tags and teeth are also gilded in optional gold leaf. A personal inscription was engraved on the horizontal tube the dogs stand on and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from the years of their births were affixed to each one’s end of the tube.

Because this vane was to be mounted in a windy area, a security device was requested (that’s the little ears above the upper globe.)

We enjoy working with our customers on their weather vane details, personalizing each. If you a a Labrador Retriever lover, we have numerous in our catalog and would happily create a portrait for you.