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Dog Weathervane – Double West Highland Terriers in Play Bow

Westie Pair in Play Bow Weather Vane


Our Double West Highland Terriers in Play Bow Weathervane is quite popular with customers who have known and loved the pleasure of watching the friendships of these playful dogs. In its simplest iteration, as a copper only sculpture piece, fabricated as a mirror image (looks the same from both sides) in swell bodied fashion, with glass eyes, this vane is adorable and effective. The additions of collars with or without inscriptions, and optional gilding bring a brighter and more complex look to the piece.

When considering the options for your weather vane, it is always a good idea to really take a good look at the background it will be seen against. If it is to be mounted in an area surrounded by tall evergreen trees, that visual competition to the copper, as it darkens with time, would indicate some bit of gold or palladium gilding would be a very effective, eye catching addition.

In many respects, all of our weathervanes are custom. Our seasoned artisans do not see your vane on their schedule until after we have discussed every pertinent detail with you. We need to know what specifications will make this sculpture become your personal vision of an art piece for your home, business, or institution. We will work with you to choose the size, metal combination, eye color, gilding patterns, and any personalizing ‘tweaks’ that make it exactly yours. We will even study your photos to make the minor changes necessary to create a portrait.