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Dog Weathervane – English Cocker Spaniel, Standing

English Cocker Spaniel Dog Weather Vane - Standing

English Cocker on Rod
English Cocker on Shotgun

The English Cocker Spaniel, Standing Weathervane that is pictured here was designed as a portrait. Our customer sent us pictures to help us get the conformation correct and they asked us to apply optional gold and palladium leaf to replicate their dog’s markings. This is the kind of personalizing that is our specialty. It is a copper vane of detailed, swell bodied construction. The eyes are glass. Our master artisans have each created personal hammers for creating the various textures of fur, feather, and vegetation. We think the textures imprinted for this dog are remarkable!

We also have a design for a similar vane, the English Cocker Spaniel Standing on Rifle. The standing plane for our sculptures represent one more way for you to be creative and personalize your weather vane.