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Dog Weathervane – German Shepherd, Pointing

Pointing German Shepherd Weather Vane

German Shepherd Pointing
German Shepherd with Mailbox & Squirrel

Our German Shepherd Weathervane, Pointing, and German Shepherd Pointing with Mailbox & Squirrel are early designs. The low resolution quality of these old pictures definitely illustrates how far digital photography has advanced since our early days!

German Shepherd Pointing Weathervane, with Mailbox and Squirrel

Still, the sweetness of this dog in its active stance is revealed. Both vanes are fabricated from copper in detailed, swell-bodied style. The dog and the squirrel have glass eyes, and the flowers under the mailbox are silhouette style. The mailbox would be a great location to gild some text, a name, or a logo in optional gold or palladium leaf. These precious metals are non-ferrous and will remain bright eye catchers for many decades as the copper weathers and develops a patina.

Dog weather vanes are good candidates for inscriptions with an added collar and tag. Many customers have chosen to personalize their weather vane to become a portrait of their specific canine companion. We enjoy working from pictures to create these heartfelt pieces.