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Dog Weathervane – German Shepherd, Standing

Standing Long Haired German Shepherd Weather Vane


This German Shepherd Standing Weathervane was a bunch of fun to make. It is essentially a portrait—but a combined portrait capturing the essential natures of FOUR Dogs. Our customers sent us many pictures of the four: Franz, Lucia, Marty and Katy, and they gave us wonderful descriptions of their demeanors, such as loyal, charming, regal, fun, and prim. They ordered their vane in the small size to keep it in visual scale atop a newly constructed and classically designed dog house.

This sculpture piece was fabricated in copper with optional gold leaf defining the markings of the dogs. The ball, an addition referencing the fun loving nature of these dogs, is also gilded in gold. While the dog is in swell bodied style, the ball is in 3D, again adding an interesting visual.

The glass eyes are brown, and there are two inscriptions, one on each side of the arrow. Sealed inside are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from the birth year of each of the four dogs in addition to the traditional penny from the year the weather vane was crafted.

This weather vane is a personalization of an existing design in our catalog. Because each one of our weathervanes is made to order, customizations of existing designs are commonplace.