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Dog Weathervane – German Shepherd with Ball

German Shepherd Weather Vane in Playbow with Ball


For this copper German Shepherd with Ball Weather Vane we applied optional gold leaf to define her distinctive markings, her teeth, and to highlight her favorite ball. We have also made a version of this design where we substituted a soccer ball for the smaller play ball. In addition to offering German Shepherds in this play bow pose, we offer several Belgian Malinois Dog Weathervanes. While the Malinois’ have a slightly different physique, any of these designs could be easily transformed into a German Shepherd Weathervane.

Another of our German Shepherd Weathervane designs depicts the dog looking intently at an old fashioned mailbox. Perched atop the mailbox is a squirrel holding a nut.  The mailbox has the customer’s name stamped onto it. This particular German Shepherd lives to chase squirrels so the owner commissioned this design to showcase that aspect of his dog’s personality.

As with all of our dog weathervanes, we use custom crafted glass eyes to give the dogs a bright and lifelike appearance. Our German Shepherds are usually made with brown eyes and black pupils but for other breeds we offer blue eyes if desired. We can also add an optional dog collar and even a tag in the shape of a heart, circle or dog bone with your dog(s) name(s) stamped onto them. Some of our dogs have open mouths, some have closed mouths. We can do cropped or natural ears, docked or long tails. In one case, our customer sent us photos of his long haired German Shepherd and we modified the design to reflect its beautiful flowing coat. Collaborating with owners on the nuances of the dog they wish to represent is a large part of our delight in this business.