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Dog Weathervane – Golden Retriever, Lying on Lounge

English Cream/Golden Retriever Weather Vane Lying Down


This Golden Retriever Lying Down Weathervane, was first commissioned to be a portrait of Ted, an English Cream Retriever. Ted’s ‘family’ sent pictures, and worked with us to get every detail correct. We did stylize the chaise lounge a bit for this design, but everyone was happy with how well it worked to convey this classic resting position. How our dogs love to observe from a lounge in the garden!

Pictured above you will see Ted, with mouth closed, and a more recent Golden Retriever with Mouth Open Weathevane.

Our master artisans have each created personal hammers for creating natural textures in the copper. Leaves, trees, hair, fur, flowers, are just some of the elements that require specific textures. And when it comes to fur, the specificity becomes even more complex. Compare the fur of a cocker spaniel to a poodle, for instance. For Ted, the project was assigned to the artist who had the hammer that could best replicate that fur.

This is a detailed, swell bodied vane. The glass eyes are brown. The collar and tag have been optionally gold leafed, and the collar tag has the inscription, TED. In addition to the traditional penny from the year of manufacture, the vane pictured has sealed within a ‘Lucky Penny’ from the year of Ted’s birth, and a lock of his hair.

We are happy to personalize our existing designs to create a portrait for you, or to work with you to create a new design that fits your weathervane vision. We recently personalized this sculpture piece to be a shorter haired Golden Retriever with mouth open.