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Dog Weathervane – Goldendoodle with Champagne Cork

Goldendoodle in Playbow with Cork Portrait Weather Vane


This Goldendoodle in Playbow with a Champagne Cork Weathervane was first commissioned by a couple of Pinot wine grape growers, who wanted portrait weather vanes of their two dogs who have  ‘overseen’ operations on the vineyard through the years. This one is Lucca, a white Goldendoodle. The copper sculpture piece has been gilded with optional gold leaf to convey the white coat of Lucca. The other is Datca, a black Goldendoodle. His is also a copper sculpture piece but left natural to darken as it weathers over time.

All of our past customers enjoy a 10% discount on subsequent weather vane orders. But in this case, both weather vanes were included in the first order, qualifying for a 10% discount on both! This discount is applied with full payment on both vanes.

Lucca is crafted in detailed swell-bodied style. His glass eyes are brown. His copper collar has a heart-shaped tag inscribed with his name. On the horizontal tube is an inscription that captures his nature, ‘I’ll go wherever you will go’.  There are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates to the family affixed inside the weather vane and on the ends of the copper tube, there is one from the year of his birth on one end and one from the year of his passing on the other end with an infinity symbol.

The optional custom directionals are dog paws, and so cute. It was such a fun idea and our artisans enjoyed creating them. Handcrafting custom directionals can take time, sometimes almost as long as the weathervane itself! Paw Print Directional Pricing is listed here separately.

Because all of our weathervanes are made to order, we can personalize this design or any other to become a weather vane distinctly yours.